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  1. Natural raw materials
  2. American advanced scientific research facility
  3. USA FDA and GMP Certifications 

The raw materials of the products are all derived from natural animal and plant extracts, and they have passed strict quality testing to ensure that the selected raw materials are “zero pollution.” The effectiveness of natural extracts is very important.

Our Production factory in located in California and all products are made in USA

Quality Control

Our company is known for ensuring quality, being creative, and meeting customer needs. We create, not copy, and complete the formulation of a new product through research and discussion.

Best products, guranteed!

Every product is produced through strict production procedures. According to the needs of each product, our researchers try their best to test the quality, purity and content of the selected raw materials. In order to produce the best quality products, from the beginning to the end, we carry out strict professional quality control on the production process. All products have passed strict FDA and GMP certification to ensure the excellent quality of nutritional supplement products.

Highest Standard

Our expertise in formulas and production, combined with our high standards for product requirements, and the ability to create new products, make us a strong player among manufacturers in the high-tech development environment.

Research & Discovering

Over the past half century, many nutrient elements that exist in nature (plants, sea, earth) have been discovered, and research work on this is also changing day by day. In the next 50 years, no one can predict how many more nutrients will be discovered. However, the discovery of nutrient elements is only the first step in the synthesis of human health food. The birth of a new product is based on people’s knowledge and research on nutrients and human physique science.

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